World War II in Poland

    Poland was a peaceful country. They mostly farmed for a living. Then they were attacked by Germany because they had a small army and were close by.

    One reason the Poles were persecuted was because the Germans needed a labor force.

The men were recruited for the army. The woman and children farmed. Another reason the Poles were persecuted was because so they could inflict fear in other places. One example of it is they often shot the Poles in mass executions. They also tested science experiments on the body’s.

    In the end 6 million Poles died. 3 million Catholics, 2,200,000 Christians, and 3 million Polish Jews. All of them were innocent. Nearly half of the Polish population was destroyed.

Best Gift Given


    The best gift I gave somebody would be the soaps I gave to my sister. It made me feel great giving her nice stuff. I don’t do much to make her happy very often. She really loved the soaps. I asked my mom which ones she wanted. I got her 3 different Christmas smells. The expression,  “It is better to give than receive” means that you love to get things but, when you give you can make any number of people happy. That kind of happiness lasts for ever.